10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

We’ve all been in awkward situations. When it happens, the only thing that matters is how to deal with it without losing face.

We at Bright Side admire these stories of 10 people from whom we could only learn.

A fan of Naomi Watts took a picture of her on the subway and put it on the Internet.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

© aubreylofgrenphotography, © naomiwatts

One of Naomi Watts’s fans saw her on the subway by chance and quickly took a pic of her, instantly putting it on Instagram. Shortly, though, Naomi responded in kind: she put up a photo of the fan on her page, accompanying it with the question “Think you’re pretty sneaky?”

Benedict Cumberbatch was compared to an otter.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

The BBC’s Graham Norton showed Benedict Cumberbatch some photos from Tumblr where users compared the actor to an otter. Benedict took it with good humor and happily obliged when Graham asked him to make a parody of the otter shots. An incredible show.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

A fan grabbed Beyoncé during her show and dragged her off the stage.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

At a show in Sao Paolo, Beyoncé sat down on the stage to chat with her fans, and one of them grabbed her and tried to drag her off. Security guards rescued her and went to throw the fan out, but the singer stopped them, saying he was just overwhelmed with feelings. She asked for his name, shook his hand, and said,”’Thank you, I love you too.”

Prince Philip got stuck in an elevator.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

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In 1958, Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, got stuck in the elevator of Heriot-Watt University. The Prince didn’t lose his nerve and calmly said, “This could only happen in a technical college.”

Sandra Bullock got the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard


In 2010, Sandra Bullock was awarded Worst Actress at the Golden Raspberry Awards.

Although most actors don’t attend the ceremony, Sandra actually came to receive her award. She even brought a box with the unfortunate DVDs to give to everyone interested. “If you watch the movie and think I’m not that bad there, I’ll be glad to return the award,” Sandra joked at the ceremony.

Children got in the way of a professor’s live stream.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

A funny thing occurred during a live program on the BBC. Prof. Robert Kelly was answering the anchorman’s question when some kids suddenly barged into his office. The professor turned out to have been at home in his study, and they were his children.

Despite the incident, neither the professor nor the anchorman lost their nerve, and they continued the interview. The situation was saved by the mother who came inside and took the kids away from the study.

A passerby took Richard Gere for a homeless man and gave him food.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

© lightstreamentertainmen

Right in the middle of shooting Time Out of Mind, where Richard Gere played the role of a poor man and walked around in old and shabby clothes, a woman passing by approached him and offered him some food. She took him for a real homeless guy and didn’t even notice all the cameras that were on him. Richard thankfully accepted the food and had a good snack.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

© lightstreamentertainment

Adele put on her fan’s raincoat during her show.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

© tottenhadele

When Adele gave a concert in Auckland, New Zealand, before a crowd of 40,000, rain started to pour. The singer’s hairdo and makeup couldn’t stand the onslaught, but she found a way to proceed with the help of one of her fans: he gave her a pink raincoat.

Although it didn’t really go with her dress, all her fans agree that she looked absolutely fabulous.

Grace Kelly was asked to give a kiss to Marlon Brando.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard

© REX/Shutterstock

In 1955, Grace Kelly received the Academy Award for Best Actress in The Country Girl. When the master of ceremonies suggested that she give a kiss to Marlon Brando who won the award for Best Actor, Grace said, “I think it’s him who ought to kiss me.”

Richard Branson lost a bet and dressed up as a flight attendant.

10 People Who Just Can’t Be Caught Off Guard


The Virgin Airlines CEO Richard Branson lost a bet to his competitor, founder of AirAsia Tony Fernandez. The businessmen took bets on the best Formula 1 team, and Fernandez won. His condition was that Branson should dress as a stewardess.

Richard took the task seriously: he rouged his lips, dressed in a red blouse and skirt, and even shaved his legs. For the 6 hours it took to get the passengers from Australia to Malaysia, Branson was serving the passengers, including Fernandez himself.

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