Fans Shocked By Dog The Bounty Hunter And Wife’s Sad Announcement

The TV show featuring Bounty The Hunter is now cancelled!

#5 Do you remember this show?

Do you remember the show Dog The Bounty Hunter? This massively popular show was canceled in 2012 but it was not because of its popularity rating index! You will be shocked to know the reason!

#4 The show ran for 8 years

Given the popularity of the show, it ran for about 8 years before being canceled in 2012! People thought that it was because of the repetitive usage of abusive language, but again, this was not the reason!


#3 The Wife Revealed The Secret

The secret was revealed by his wife, Beth. She told that the show was run down by the producers because the cash bail bond industry was under attack.

And hence she had to take this major step…Read on to know what major decision she took.

#2 The President

Due to the internal disturbances in the industry, Beth had announced that she’ll be running to be the next president of Professional Bail Agents of the United States


#1 The Family Trouble

Since she and her entire family had their entire living dependent on the bail bonds, they would have been in a major financial trouble if the industry went under attack. So Beth had to fight to prevent this from happening

We hope that they can see this through to prevent the industry!

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