‘He made me hold my babies while he killed them’: Mother reveals how she was forced to watch her boyfriend shoot their twin girls dead before killing her father

The dreadful incident!

#3 A Man’s Mind

#3 A Man's Mind

A man’s mind is really a complex one. No one can really understand what is running up in the mind. So, it happened in Florida, where a guy killed her girlfriend’s father, and their five-year-old twins before shooting up himself!

#2 The Relationship

#2 The Relationship

It was later reported that Hatt and Wilson’s relationship was a bit troubled and reportedly, the killings occurred as an offshoot to the domestic violence.

Bateh told about the furious temperament of her boyfriend who would go on breaking the stuff around the house when he was angry.

Though she was as well attacked by her boyfriend but she survived! Read on to know the revelations she made to the police


#1 Domestic Violence

#1 Domestic Violence

Wilson had been charged with the cases of domestic violence in the past too. He pleaded guilty to strangulation in 2013 and went to a domestic violence program. But it did not stop!

Several cases go unregistered and more often are neglected. However, this is a clear eye-opener for those who often disregard or neglect domestic violence!

Report, before it turns out to be as drastic as this one!

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