Sushi lover ends up with his entire body riddled with WORMS

The Chinese man had seen his doctor about stomach ache and itchy skin. Scans showed his entire body had been infected with tapeworm from eating sushi!

#3 Sushi-side-effects?
#3 Sushi-side-effects?

Sushi, Sashimi, salted and marinated fish are recent and popular dishes people are ordering in restaurants and are already added to almost every popular restaurant’s menu. However, the cons of eating sushi or other preparations of raw fish fillets are not hidden from anybody for that matter; neither the chefs nor their customers. Eating sushi can lead to serious tapeworm infections. Injection of diphyllobothrium larvae from fresh water fish like salmon can easily make way to your blood stream through dishes like this.
#2 Extremely Risky!
#2 Extremely Risky!

Nancy Craig, the author from a Canadian family, has written a journal on the same issue and explains how this sushi trend has resulted into a toll of similar cases where patients have faced fatal consequences of sushi consumption. The infection is caused mainly due to contaminated parts of the uncooked fish. Earlier such cases were restricted to small and undeveloped areas. However, recently sanitation has developed and urban restaurants seem to face the major part of the brunt.

The video ahead shows the condition of his body!

#1 Watch the video!
A recent incident was reported at the Guangzhou Number 8 People’s Hospital in Guangzhou Province in eastern China, where a man went to see the doctor after he felt excruciating stomachache and itching in the entire body. Allegedly, he ate sushi last day and on performing the tests, doctors found his entire body overrun with tapeworms. After treating the man, the doctors cared to share the images and the video and these will shock you!

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