She Slept With Plastic Wrap And Bandages On Her Stomach – What Happened In The Morning Was Nothing Short Of A Miracle

Seaweed lotion and plastic wrap….who would have thought?

#4 Dream Come True

How many of us have dreamt of waking up to weight loss? This lady had her dream come true! At first she didn’t believe in the technique- her friend pushed her to do it. And now she advices everyone who doesn’t believe what they’re reading to go ahead and try it for themselves! This technique is simple and all you need is some seaweed lotion, plastic wraps and bandages.

Coleen, mother of three, wanted to have a flat tummy. The procedure first involves applying lotion to your stomach.

#3 Plastic Wrap

How this actually works is by the loss of accumulated water in the body and hence works the best in summer season due to excess sweat and fluid loss from the body.

The second step is to wrap your stomach with the plastic wrap. Make sure it’s not too tight because you will have it on all night.

One more step ahead!


#2 Bandage

How many of us have used bandages for tasks other than wounds? Well here is another one.

The third and the final step involves wrapping a long bandage around the area. The result Coleen got? See below!

#1 Weight Loss At Your Mornings

Coleen lost incredible 2.5 inches in just one night. Amazing, right?

Let me warn you of something though. It’s only short lived on its own, so you need to add this in your routine alongside proper diet and exercise for it to have a longer-lasting effect! (Cons are just a flipside to Pros hon.)

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