6-Year-Old Went For A Swim, But When She Came Out Her Mom Was FURIOUS!

It was supposed to be a good day at the beach..

#5 Summer And Beach Isn’t Always Fun.

Summer and sweaty heat calls for beach and all that off shore fun. But this combo may not always be as soothing as it may seem. This is what it turned out to happen with a six year old,Bella Sullivan, while she was out to Huntington Beach with her mom Nicole to beat the heat. This little girl had one of her worst days coming up..

#4 A Tossed Over Warning.

Bella and her mommy Nicole had a minimal clue what that golden powder might have underneath. Though a warning sign board was put up a day before but it was forced to stand aside just to avoid people to freak out. Bella went ahead for a dip in the splashing waves.

Go on to know what happens to her.


#3 Not All Sunshine Are Beautiful.


After all those fun, next morning was tormenting for Bella. Her face was red, swollen and puffy. She was unable to open her eyes also. All her charm was stolen by an infection called impetigo, a form of skin infection that can only be cured by steroids and antibiotics.

#2 This Is How It Came Into Scene.


This impetigo is a bacteria caused infection which is contagious and can get through your skin by any cut or opening and Bella, accidentally had a small cut on her face that made her prone to this infection.

Even the city’s environmental health manager warned that the bacteria level may fluctuate and swimming in the ocean can put your health at stake.

Now having been through all this, this mommy has something to say, go ahead to know what she wants to convey

#1 Message From One Mum To All Mommies Out There.

As Nicole’s baby girl recovers, she has a message for all the mothers as she wouldn’t want any other child to face the same.

She says, “If you plan to take your child to the beach, see if they have any openings in their skin, hold off on going to the beach perhaps if you do see anything like that or cover them up really well. I wouldn’t want anything like that to happen to other kids, it’s very painful.”

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