Guy Paves The Road In Front Of His House With Clam Shells To Save Money. A VERY Bad Idea

Literally, the worst nightmare ever

#3 The Difficult Neighbours

#3 The Difficult Neighbours

Sometimes we are blessed with great neighbors who are really helpful and kind people, but then are also the ones who make your life unbelievably miserable. Such was a neighbor of families living in the town of Tiverton in Rhode Island.

So, this was David Rose who was a property owner in Tiverton, and what he did that really annoyed his neighbours to the core was that he opted a cheaper alternative to gravel and used tons of clams for paving an access road to his property. AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE THE WORST NIGHTMARE FOR THE NEIGHBOURS!

#2 The Worst Idea

#2 The Worst Idea

When David Rose began unloading tons of unwashed shells on the access road to his property, the neighbors suggested to wash it down but he didn’t listen to them. And from the next day, the rain came, and after three days of continuous rain, the sun came out and then grew the maggots and flies, bringing the neighbors whiffs of a vicious smell.

Read on to know what happened next.


#1 The Video

So, of course, it wasn’t a great idea especially because the clams had meat rotting underneath that induced unbearable stench. And this stench made living in the neighborhood extremely difficult.

The neighbors went on to sign a petition to get the stinky clam shells removed, making appeals to police and local authorities. Watch out what they have to say in the video below

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