Her Boyfriend Makes Fun Of Her Appearance, Then She Writes THIS To Him On Facebook…

Never underestimate the power of a girl. She can be fierce and give you back what you deserve. So always treat her the way you want to be treated by her. This girl’s boyfriend made the same mistake and now look how he had to pay…

#2 A Crazy Relationship
#2 A Crazy Relationship

A relationship can never survive if only one person is willing to put efforts to sustain it. A relationship is a 2 person job.

If you are in a relationship where your partner doesn’t respect you and your choices, it’s time you give him what he deserves the best. Something like what this girl did with her boyfriend whom she loved a lot once upon a time.

So the girl that we are talking about is Brittaney. Her boyfriend never treated her perfectly or respected her the way she should be respected and treated.

Initially, she tolerated everything like a good little girl but later, she did something that no one expected her to do. She shocked everyone. This is great.

Keep reading ahead to see what she did.

Her Post
Her Post

She decided to post the reality on Facebook and tell her boyfriend about her real feelings. This is what she wrote.

“You always told me I didn’t look good with long hair and that you preferred girls with short hair. So I kept my hair cut above my shoulders at all times. You laughed at me and told me I looked ridiculous when I dyed my hair red when we were together. So a week later I dyed it back blonde.”

She further added, “You would always point out if I was wearing too much makeup. (Winged eyeliner and mascara most of the time) So I just stopped wearing it. You told me tattoos and piercings were tacky and ugly. And would try to take out my belly button ring every time you saw it. So I took out my piercings and didn’t get any more tattoos.”
#1 The Complete Post
#1 The Complete Post

Her frustration wasn’t over yet. Look what she wrote ahead.

“You pointed out my stretch marks every chance you got. So I did my best to keep them hidden.”

Now, here comes the best part, “You weren’t out of my league. I was out of yours. I wasn’t the one who wasn’t good enough for you. You were the one who wasn’t good enough for me. You couldn’t accept me for who I was. When I took you the way you were.”

“So now here I am a few months later. My hair is past my shoulders. My hair is bright red. I’ve got a new tattoo. New piercings. Started wearing makeup again. I eat whatever I want whenever I want and weigh 135 pounds. I still have my stretch marks.”

And I’ve finally gotten my confidence back. I finally see myself looking back at me when I look in the mirror. It’s so hard for me to come out about this and admit that I became so vulnerable because of one guy.”

You rock girl. This is exactly how each and every single girl in this world should react if their partner is of no good to them.

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