He Spent Millions Of Dollars To Become An Alien. This Is What He Looks Like Now.

22 year old make-up artist Vinny Ohh, has undergone over 100 procedures in order to transform himself into a “genderless alien”. The Los Angeles resident has been working on this transformation since he was 17 years old, when he decided he didn’t connect to any specific gender or sexuality. The road to his ultimate metamorphosis has been hard and painful and with plans to have many more procedures, Vinny Ohh is focused on his end goal of becoming a completely Alien life form.

Where It All Began

As a young boy, Vinny began to feel different from kids his own age, describing that he felt like an outcast and that prompted him to look inside himself and project who he truly wanted to be, regardless of social constructions, gender rules, or binary sexuality. This was when Vinny underwent his first procedure, getting lip fillers to exaggerate his puckered pout.

The Price of Transformation

Vinny has already spent over $50,000 in the pursuit of his transformation by undergoing over 100 procedures. His end goal ideal look will cost eventually him upwards of $160,000 and he will have to risk going under the knife many more times in order to finally achieve the out-of-this-world look he has become so passionate about.

Why Become An Alien?

The LA based make-up artist doesn’t consider himself to be neither male nor female, he also does not define himself as fitting into any category of sexual orientation. In his mind his transformation would be a physical manifestation of his beliefs and he would become completely genderless. This process will include removing his genitals, nipples as well as belly button.

Embodying The Alien Look

Vinny does not just go to great lengths with his cosmetic surgery in order to become the alien he has always dreamed of being, his day to day look encapsulates his uniqueness whether it is his brightly colored hair, dark black saucer like contacts, long taloned nails, futuristic makeup, or gender bending attire, he is constantly pushing himself to embody what he believes in.

Under The Knife

Vinny Ohh’s alien metamorphosis is not only taking on huge financial burden, the many surgical procedures he has endured and will continue to endure are a risk to his health and safety. Already Vinny has received three rhinoplasty’s, two of which were before the age of 19, multiple cheek and brow bone fillers, lip fillers and much more. Every procedure potentially more complicated and costly.

Passion In The Process

While many people undergo cosmetic surgery of all kinds all over the world, Vinny is in a class all his own, his dedication to becoming the person he feels he is meant to be is fierce. He has put himself through so much pain, and cost and time in order to continue to pursue his dream of becoming a genderless Alien. While most people would settle with what was easiest, Vinny is fearless and strives for perfection.

Sexless And Genderless Are Key To His Goal

Often Vinny will receive comments about his transformation where people confuse his process with transitioning from male to female. But Vinny wants to be very clear that he does not identify with any gender or sex at all, and in order to be successful in this he had to find a doctor who would agree to remove all of his sexual organs and eliminate any physical trait of either gender.

Embracing The Alien Look

Vinny Ohh has felt like his look is already beginning to pay off, with his naturally large forehead and shaved eyebrows he has started to embrace his alien features even if he is far from reaching his goal. His confidence in his look has left people in a state of wonder, and when questioned about who he is as a person Vinny replies, “I’m an extra-terrestrial, hot mess, self-obsessed.”

Alien And Activist

While Vinny does not consider himself to be any gender or sexuality, he does affiliate himself with the LGBTQ community. Becoming an activist for the community, Vinny feels he needs to support and represent a group of people who have been mislabeled and judged for who they are, he believes everyone should be able to embrace who they truly are as individuals, even if they are from another planet

He’s Inspiring A World Of Difference

Transforming into an Alien is not just a cosmetic transformation for Vinny, His passion runs much deeper. He hopes that his dedication to becoming this person will inspire others to not place people into confined labels or boxes of misrepresentation, and he hopes to be able to be part of a world where we are free from these types of social constructions. Where acceptance for who you are is just that.

Sexless And Genderless But Never Boring

Becoming the Alien Vinny wants to be is not about putting his personality on the shelf, it’s about embracing all that he is as a person. Vinny loves to play with colors and be as bright and vibrant as possible so that his look will pop and he will be noticed by everyone. While many onlookers stand in awe, some are quite offended by his outright striking appearance and have threatened him verbally and physically.

Standing Out In The Crowd

With all the attention that Vinny gets from his jaw dropping metamorphosis, whether it’s good or bad, he will never feel like he can fit in with the everybody else. Even at 16 years old he would deck out his wardrobe with full pleather body suits and 8 inch platform heels, a look that just came natural to him. This Alien transformation is just the next step into embracing his true identity.

An Alien In The Spotlight

With his dramatic transformation, Vinny has received much attention from the world of Hollywood. He appeared on the TV show “Botched” on an episode discussing his alien makeover, and also appears on the TV show “The Plastics Of Hollywood” where he and a group of pastil surgery addicts cohabit a house and seek support in their journey of obsessively transforming their look.

The Future Is Alien

The producer and creator of the show that Vinny appears on, “The Plastics of Hollywood” thinks that people like Vinny, are where the future of humanity is heading towards. Vinny has received lots of support for his metamorphosis as he continues to bend the line of gender as well as be a beacon for the misrepresented and misunderstood people of this world and other worlds.

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