They Call This the Assassin Bug If You See One In Your House, Get Help Immediately

This is deadly. Take care…

#4 Kissing Bug

Most of the bugs present on earth won’t really harm you. They are at least not deadly by any means. But recently, experts have revealed that there is one bug that can kill the animals as well as the humans.

Look at this bug. This is called “Assassin Bug”, or “Kissing Bug”. This is classified as the most dangerous bug ever.

#3 Chagas Disease

This bug can cause the spread of a highly hazardous disease called American Trypanosomiasis which can kill humans as well as animals. The disease is called Chagas and it has claimed the lives of over 400 dogs in Texas so far.

Chagas disease is spread by these “Kissing Bugs” through their faeces. There’s a way in which this disease spread.

To wanna know more about how it spreads, Keep reading ahead.


#2 More Dangerous For Animals

This bug feeds on blood. More than humans, it is dangerous for animals. The disease is contracted when the bug bites into the dog, and the bug rubs its faeces into the bite wound or into a mucous membrane.

They usually feed when pets are sleeping. The animals can also contract the disease by simply eating the bug.

#1 The Silent Killer

Chagas disease is a Silent Killer as people don’t know they have it until the later stages of the disease. The symptoms of this disease are massively swelling eyelids and anaphylactic shock. Which can cause asphyxiation, and even death.

It all might just start as flu but later can be very painful. Do not waste any time and visit a doctor if you have notice any symptoms of this disease in you. These bugs under rocks and cement, cracks in walls, underneath porches, outdoor dog houses, and forested areas. So take care if you are in any such area.

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