Woman Gives Birth To The Heaviest Baby In The World Weighing 18 Kgs

Childbirth is one of the purest and memorable moment for any mother, but when someone makes a record while giving birth, it makes it unforgettable for everyone. Recently, a world record was created when a mother gave birth to a baby weighing 18 Kgs. An overweight mother gave birth to the heaviest baby in the world. Scroll down to know complete story and the effects.

Usually, the newborn babies weigh between 2.5 Kgs to 4.3 Kgs. But this baby was born weighing 18 kgs, almost five times than the normal babies. The incident shocked everyone even the hospital staffs, as they have never seen or heard about such cases ever before.


Before the birth, doctors believed that mother of the kid is having twins or triplets, however, they were speechless after seeing one baby born weighing 18 Kgs. Yes, you read it! The baby was born through cesarean, as it was impossible for the mother to deliver the baby through a normal process.

The doctor performing cesarean jokingly said,

“In previous situations, we had already dealt with overweight women. However, we had never witnessed anything like what we were seeing. Without a doubt, this birth will be recorded forever in our lives. However, we realized that it was a very robust and large baby. I’m sure he’ll be a professional rugby player when he gets older,”

It is not a normal case of delivery. The condition is very rare and can also cause Macrostomia. It could also result in some problems. Check out all the problems it can cause to the baby.

1. Polycythemia

It is a condition of an increased number of red blood cells in the body, which slows down the blood flowing process through veins. It can also have an effect on the central nervous system that is the main monitor of the brains.

2.  Hypoglycemia

In this condition, the blood sugar level of the body is increased to 50mg/Lb. If it decreases so much, it can have a huge effect on many body parts like lungs, heart and liver to more.

3. Respiratory Diseases

This kind of children is more likely to become the patients of several other respiratory diseases.

4. Hyperbilirubinemia

It is caused by the increase in the count of Bilirubin, which is the yellow pigment present in our body. If the level increase too much, it’ll reach the brain and could be deadly for the kid.

5. Injuries

Overweight kids are prone to injuries, as they would not be able to handle the weight properly.

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