10-Year-Old Girl Kills Herself To Make Her Mother ‘The Happiest Woman In The World’

A 10-year-old girl in Mexico reportedly committed suicide on Jan. 6, with a suicide note found next to her body.




Left suicide note


The girl, known as Evelyn Nicole N., died on Three Kings Day, a Christian festival celebrated by Spanish-speaking countries like Spain and Mexico. During this festival, children traditionally receive presents from their family.

And in a heartbreaking letter addressed to the Three Kings, she wrote that the best present she can ask for is her mother’s happiness.

She claimed that her mother told her she wished that she had never been born.

Blaming herself for her father leaving them, the 10-year-old felt that she was a “pain and ruin” in her mother’s life.

She also thought that her mother would be “the happiest woman in the world” after she dies.



This is what was written in the letter:


“Dear Three Kings, I only want to ask you my mum will be the happiest woman in the world after I will not be here any more as I am only a pain and a ruin in her life since I was born, as I was the reason my dad left our house.

I want to ask my mum to be calm, not to work a lot, the best present I can ask is her happiness.

I hope some day you remember me and in the sky, finally, you hug me.

I think the best present for the Three Kings is if I kill myself.

As you always said to me I wish you had never been born.

I love you so much, mum, I know the Three Kings do not exist but I give you this great present.”


According to authorities in Aguascalientes, Mexico, they stated that the cause of death was strangulation by hanging.

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