Here’s what it means if a dead loved one ‘visits’ you in your dream

Seeing dreams of a deceased loved one is fairly common and almost every person may relate to this experience. The psychic mediums have long assumed that these dreams have a special message from beyond the grave.

Such dreams are often referred to as visitation dream, which can be very lucid and realistic. As it involves encountering loved ones who have been lost, it often leaves people feeling comforted, relaxed, or, sometimes, even horrified and afraid.

A video uploaded to Facebook by Shareably, Psychic Medium Lauri Moore explained that having a dream about a deceased loved one can be seen as that deceased person visiting in the dream. This is an indication that the deceased ones are trying to send the person some kind of a message.


Sometimes, this message may be as simple as letting a person know that they are doing fine and have reached “the other side.”

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Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

At other times, the reason for a visitation might be to simply lend a support to the person or to convey that they believe in that person and the decisions they have taken ever since the death.

Often, the deceased ones try to establish a communication with a person simply because they want to communicate that they love that person.

However, not experience of visitation dreams is comforting and pleasing. Many times people are left nervous and uncomfortable about these dreams, a sense of fear and dread engulfing them.

Such alarming dreams can be interpreted as the deceased loved ones trying to warn them about something. During such dreams, the people you knew may seem a bit strange or “off” to the person who is dreaming.

In other instances, visitations can also be telepathic rather than actual appearance in the dream. Loved ones may not speak directly to a person in their dream but they try to convey the message with just their presence.

Visitation dreams are so common that people need not be worried or anxious about these experiences, as explained by Moore. Almost every person has them so it is more important that they are interpreted correctly.

When a person claims that they have not experienced a dream visitation, it might simply suggest that the person in question does not remember their dream or that the person is still mourning the loss.

The Medium suggests people to better remember the dream by keeping a dream journal and quickly recording the last memory. Moore also suggests sleeping with a photograph of their loved one, or simply a note from them under the pillow if one wishes to have these dream visitations.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

However, the person dreaming the visitation should also remain open to the experience and must be ready to hear fully what their loved ones want to say.

However, the author of the blog, Psychology Today, Patrick McNamara, presented a slightly different way of looking at the visitation dreams.

McNamara, who is an associate professor of Neurology at Boston University, delved deeper into the topic. One of the first things that he discovered about the visitation dreams is that the deceased people appear more like how they did in life rather than when they fell ill.

There are as many ways of interpreting visitation dreams as there are the science and superstitions behind them. However, in most dreams, the loved one seems to appear healthy and comes with the intention of providing comfort to the dreamer.

Meanwhile, there are very few scientific data available on visitation dreams, but what is certain is the fact that they ‘hold a key to the functional nature of the dreaming mind.’

Besides these psychological interpretations, Learning Mind suggested that many people also do have a religious perspective of looking at the visitation dreams.

Often, people believe that seeing a deceased person in the dream is a sign that the said person has not found peace even after the death.

The source informed that most religious perspectives advice on following rituals and ceremonies to satisfy the desire of the deceased.

There are several telltale signs for identifying a visitation dream. The source suggested that a dream might be a visitation dream if it feels real, gives a sense of comfort, gives a clarity, and is easy to remember.

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