Woman Shares a Thank You Note to a Guy Who Reads ’Her Body Language’ and Saves Her

survey says that 61% of women take measures to stay safe in public, and approximately 50% are scared of walking home at night. However, we’re not completely alone out there, and we mean that in the best possible sense. Sometimes help in a dire situation can come from a complete stranger, and our story will prove exactly that.

Bright Side has proof that there are still plenty of good people out there who are willing to come to the rescue of others.

A Reddit user shared her experience with a stalker on a subway. She said a sketchy looking guy stood right behind her for 6 minutes while waiting for the train and made unwanted advances at her, calling her “baby” and unsettling her in general. He followed her into the train and stayed close, which triggered the woman’s anxiety to the max.

The woman couldn’t sit still and got up to blend in with a crowd, hoping the guy would leave her alone, but then a miracle happened. Another man turned to her and asked: “Hey Lauren. You going to Jeff’s dinner party too?” Her name wasn’t Lauren and she had no idea who this man was.

After about 10 seconds she realized what he was doing and started playing along. He then continued to act friendly and suggested they get off at the same station and walk to “the party” together. But his kindness didn’t end there.

The concerned man pretended that he received a text and showed it to the distressed woman. Turned out, he had written a note on his phone, asking if she was in danger. She discretely revealed that a creepy guy was following her. The man then decided to keep her company so that she felt safe. He even walked her to her friend’s place, even though he was supposed to get off at a completely different station.

The woman says her stalker quickly left after seeing her with the man, whom she now considers her “guardian angel.”

Bonus: Women share safety tips they rely on daily.

Other women on Reddit also know you can’t be over prepared when trying to stay safe out there. Luckily, they’ve come up with brilliant tips that can keep you get out of danger on the street.

Do you have any safety tips of your own? Share with us how you protect yourself out there.

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