Mom Gets New Job During 3-Month Unpaid Maternity Leave, Then Old Boss Sends Her A Bill For $3K

Emily Manley of Iowa recently welcomed the arrival of her son, Jettson. She and her husband worked hard to save money while she was pregnant, but like many moms out there, she wasn’t too well-versed in mat*rnity leave policies and the various ways to obtain it.

Her employer at the time, a small local business, didn’t offer any paid mat*rnity leave. Instead, she had to use the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for three months of unpaid time off so she could be at home with her newborn son.

Emily says that, according to the policy, “you had to b*rn through all of your [paid time off] pr!or to taking leave, so really you didn’t have a choice; you had to take it all before you could start leave.”

During those three months, Emily received a job offer from one of her previous employers. This position offered better and more effective benefits for a new mom like her, and she simply couldn’t say no.

However, shortly after putting in her two weeks’ notice, her previous boss sent her a letter that left her shocked…

“If there are other women going through this, you’re not alone,” Emily told WHO Des Moines.

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