Pictures of the Human Body That Will Send a Chill up Your Spine

The human body is incredible…ly gross. It is incredibly gross. For all the amazing functions it can perform and mindblowing aspects of having a human body, there are a thousand nasty things it does…or expels…each and every single day. As humans, we have also figured out just how far we can stretch and prod and poke our bodies and make them do things they were never meant to do.

The photos you are about to see are a combination of weird things the human body naturally does and weird things we made it do. And just a warning: They are super gross. You might want to look at this list while you are between meals. I don’t think you will want to eat for at least a few hours after intentionally horrifying yourself with these pictures. Some of these are truly nasty and may not be super safe for work (depending on where you work). So proceed at your own risk.

Get used to this face.



Because you are about to be making it repeatedly. The human body is beautiful. A miracle. But it is also disgusting.

Hair there

Via: Reddit

I don’t think hairs are supposed to grow out from under your toenails like that. But alas, here we are.

Tongue tentacles

Via: Reddit

No! This person is an alien! This is not a thing that humans have. Have you ever seen this before?

Pruny hands


I have never seen hands this pruny. I wonder how long it took for them to return to normal!

Dirty feet

Via : Reddit

This is a giant nope! If I was sitting in the seat in front of this person, I would demand they be removed from the plane. Like, this is unacceptable.

Sand worm

Via: Reddit

I don’t know what a sandworm is, but from how this person describes it, it seems like it’s alive and it crawls through your body. No thank you!


Via: Reddit

Human ears are truly remarkable. That is a big ol’ piece of earwax that person pulled out of their ear. I bet they can hear better now.

Jagged nails




There is something so unsettling about this! Why would one ever do this? Your nails would get caught on every piece of fabric they touched!

Hairy tongue

Via: Reddit

Apparently, this can happen as a reaction to certain antibiotics. Well, guess I’m never taking antibiotics ever again!

Just wait ’til you see the extra-long tongue.

Ring finger

Via: imgur

Um, excuse me, finger? Where do you think you are going? You are definitely not supposed to bend that way.

Foot boils


Via: Reddit

In the comments, this person says no doctor figured out what this was. It just cleared up on its own after a while. Terrifying.

Long tongue

Via: Reddit

Wow. She looks like a very normal person, but tongues definitely are not supposed to be that long.

Dry foot skin

Via: Reddit

Honestly, I’m kind of jealous about this one. I would really like to do this. Someone tell me how I can make this happen.


Via: imgur

Oh, this? This is just my big toe centipede. Don’t mind him. He’ll just hang out there.

These are not optical illusions. Keep that in mind as we move forward.

This smooth tongue

Via: Reddit

This is a harmless, painless, and fairly common condition, but man oh man, it looks weird!

Lobe ring

Via: Reddit

Um, I’m not entirely sure what happened here. It seems like this person had a gauge, but maybe it broke, and so they put a ring through the dangling broken lobe.

Bifurcated uvula

Via: Reddit

This seems like the one detail that would be different in a scary sci-fi series about aliens that can almost disguise themselves as human beings.

How many?

Via: Reddit

Count his fingers. Count them one more time. Yeah. He’s got six on each hand!

Long pinky toenail

Via: Reddit

There is nothing about this that I like!

I can’t believe there are ten more of these.

Webbed toes

Via: Reddit

I bet this person is an extraordinarily good swimmer! Do you think having webbed toes is an unfair advantage?

Toe ring

Via: imgur

This is a different type of toe ring. One that gets a giant “No thank you!” from me!


Via: imgur

When you get a sunburn, you have to be careful because your skin can just…well, it can just peel off.


Bent finger

Via: Reddit

Believe it or not, this finger is not broken! This person said they were born with it like this. Crazy.

Bye bye nail

Via: Reddit

Ooh, I do not like seeing nails ripped off. It’s terrible!

You’ve made it this far. Might as well keep going!


Tongue bruise

Via: Reddit

It sucks to bite your tongue even slightly! This is a serious bruise! That’ll ruin a whole week.


Via: Reddit

Why wouldn’t he just cut his toenails? This is horrifying on so many levels. How does this even happen?



Via: Reddit

Whoa. This is actually super cool. I don’t know if it would make things easier or harder, but I like it.

New ear

Via: Reddit

This is from a video about a successful ear transplant. As I said, the human body is amazing. And so so weird.


Big splinter

Via: Reddit

This really does look too big to be real.

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