Man slapped after proposing with Ring Pop at baseball game

A marriage proposal took a mortifying twist over the weekend when a man tried to pop the question at a Major League Baseball game.

Worst of all, hundreds of shocked spectators were there to witness the moment that he was savagely rejected by his girlfriend, who didn’t just say no – she slapped him across the face.

In a video that has since gone viral on Twitter, the couple can be seen talking in the stands at a Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox.

As they make their way down the stairs, the man abruptly stops his girlfriend, kisses her, and tells her: “I love you.”

Slowly, he begins to kneel down and his shocked girlfriend gasps in surprise as she realizes he is about to propose.

Meanwhile, the moment catches the attention of people in the surrounding crowd, who begin pulling their cameras out and videoing the moment.

They look on in astonishment as the man pulls out a black ring box, and opens it – only to reveal a Ring Pop candy.

Upon seeing the lollipop, the young women’s mood immediately changes, and she slaps her boyfriend across the face.

“What the f*** is wrong with you,” she shouts, throwing her drink at him.

The video cuts off before her boyfriend has time to clarify whether the proposal was genuine or a prank – or whether we find out if they made up or not.

Even so, the clip sparked debate amongst viewers, who were divided as to whether the girl’s reaction was justified – or whether she should learn to take a joke.

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok
Many were of the opinion the man had dodged a bullet if his girlfriend’s reaction was anything to go by. “She isn’t worth it man. Lol so aggressive. U got her though lol priceless [sic],” one commented.

Another claimed the man had the real ring in his back pocket, writing: “He had the main ring in his pocket if she can’t get a joke she better not be with you.”

A third person thought that the idea of being proposed to with a candy ring was actually quite sweet. “Here’s me literally wanting to be proposed to with a ring pop cause the actual ring can come later I think what he did was super cute,” they commented.

However, others pointed out that the girlfriend might have been embarrassed by the proposal. One wrote: “Any chance she thought it was a cruel joke to go viral and was embarrassed?”

“Humiliate the one you love in front of thousands?? [Should of] been a real diamond. Run girl! I woulda done the same. it’s called self-worth,” another commented.

“Good call queen,” added a third.

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