Lana Rhoades says she’s asexual and wants adult movies banned

Former adult film star Lana Rhoades has said she’s ‘pretty much asexual’ and wants porn to be ‘illegal’.

Rhoades, 26, has been pretty outspoken since quitting the industry she joined at 19 for eight months.

‘I don’t think it’s good for anybody,’ Rhoades said, explaining that her perception before and after doing porn is very different.

Rhoades, who became a mother in January this year, made the comments during a recent appearance on The Skinny Confidential podcast.

Rhoades has been outspoken since leaving the industry. Credit: @lanarhoades/Instagram

Rhoades has been outspoken since leaving the industry. Credit: @lanarhoades/Instagram
Speaking about her experience, Rhoades said that she didn’t know what she was getting herself in for when she started porn.

“I also had only slept with one person at this point. So, I was very sexually inexperienced.

“That’s why and for whatever reason I never comprehended like to do porn you actually have to have sex with people.

“It’s just the idea of, oh okay, I’m going to be like Anna Nicole Smith or I’m going to be like Holly Madison or this person it was like an idea in my head but I wasn’t mature enough to realise what actually went into it.

“And very, very quickly I realised this isn’t for me.”

However, she quickly came to realise that porn was a ‘job’ and that she didn’t have a choice in who she had sex with.

“I mean, essentially you’re having to have sex with people that you didn’t choose to have sex with that you might not find attractive you might actually think that they’re disgusting and you have to have sex with them because it’s your job,” she explained.

She went on to add that she thinks the industry puts young women in a vulnerable position: “How should a 19-year-old girl be put in that position having to have sex with people that they don’t really don’t want to touch their body at all.”

Since finishing her career in adult films, Rhoades has gone on to have further success making clothes and lingerie.

However, her opinion on the porn industry remains pretty fixed: “Going back to porn, I just I don’t think that it’s good for anyone they should make it illegal.”

She confirmed and added that she doesn’t often ‘find people attractive’ or ‘hook up’ regularly: “Honestly, I’m pretty much asexual.

“Pretty much like I never hook up with people, I don’t find people attractive, and I’ve always been like that it’s not like there’s like a change after doing porn.”

Rhoades went on to warn that making it in porn wasn’t the norm for a lot of people and that the experience of other girls she knew meant that their videos were ‘on the internet for their family to see they make no money.”


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