Bodybuilder dubbed real-life ‘She Hulk’ ditches sports bra and wows in dress

A professional bodybuilder has left fans jaw-dropped when she got dolled up in a dress.

Theresa Ivancik, who won three times at International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), shares her weight training process and her journey in bodybuilding competitions on social media.

Earlier this month, she surprised her fans with two incredible gowns as she glammed up for her birthday celebrations.


Posted on August 31, the Women’s physique star flaunts her muscles and ripped body in a black cut-out crop top and a biker short.

Theresa Ivancik has been training non-stop for the upcoming Ms Olympia championship (Image: tivancik_ifbbpro/Instagram)


As she puts a stiletto on the floor, the clip cuts to show Theresa in a dusty rose ankle-length dress with the pair of heels on.

“Getting ready for my birthday weekend be like…” she captioned.

In another video, she oozes confidence when she takes off a bath towel and changes into an elegant black long dress.

She surprised her fans in an outfit change as she ditched her usual gym outfits for a glam dress (Image: tivancik_ifbbpro/Instagram)

Fans loved Theresa’s look in the stunning gown (Image: tivancik_ifbbpro/Instagram)
Fans couldn’t get enough of her stunning look, with one saying: “You’d rock the She Hulk filter – real muscles, just the green skin!”

“You look amazing, whoever your date is, is a lucky person,” a second praised.

A third penned: “Damm! All your hard work, looks fantastic and gorgeous!”

She flaunts her muscles in a sleeveless black dress (Image: tivancik_ifbbpro/Instagram)

Theresa has been trainnig to compete in Ms Olympia and she revealed that the current training gets her to a bodyweight of 13.5 stone.

She added: “This is the biggest yet most structured I have ever been for any off-season in my entire bodybuilding career!

“Sometimes you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable to make a huge difference come show time!

Theresa in IFBB’s bodybuilding competition earlier this year (Image: tivancik_ifbbpro/Instagram)
“We are athletes so we do this for a specific reason… if we don’t, odds are well show up on stage looking the exact same every time.

“Making improvements is the most important part in this sport! Look at yourself as a canvas and start to really decide what needs work or what needs backed off from and you will hands down come ready for the next level.”

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