Miley Cyrus fans seriously worried after latest pic

Miley Cyrus has certainly had a rocky summer this year. If there’s something she has probably taken from this season is that life is really a ‘Climb.’

This year, Miley held the biggest concert of her career when she performed in front of a crowd of over one-hundred-thousand people on the legendary Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. But her life seems to have taken a ‘U’ turn after she broke up with her husband, Liam Hemsworth.

And this rupturing of Miley and Liam’s relationship is going to take her some time to deal with.

How is Miley supposed to process a break up when she has never been alone?

A few days after the couple revealed their break up, Liam was captured on camera, looking really sad at a frozen yogurt establishment.

When the photograph leaked on Twitter, many people got worried, wondering whether he was doing okay. This picture caused a total storm on social media.

Miley also can’t go anywhere without being Pepped. She must be going through the most challenging time of her life, especially in the last couple of months.

Getting back on track after a breakup isn’t easy, and Miley has to do it in the public eye with everyone watching. It’s no wonder she’s been looking a little worse for wear recently, and her fans are now voicing their concerns.

Miley took a family vacation after her iHeart Radio performance.

Following the iHeart Radio performance, Miley decided to take some downtime with her family. She was also photographed having enjoyable moments in the mountains, which implies she was having a great time.

But Miley’s heart has not mended yet.

When Liam and Miley split, the singer seemed to channel her old song “The Climb” to help her process the heartache.

Months after, people might have expected Miley to have moved on. I mean, she was even seeing Kaitlynn Carter for a while, right?

But, in recent pics posted in the last couple of days, Miley seems to be back listening to her old hit, suggesting her heart has not mended yet.

Fans are now saying she’s growing too skinny.

Commenting on how Miley looks in her recent posts, some of her “Smilers” are worried that she’s not eating enough.

One Twitter user commented:

“Miley Cyrus looks way too skinny. Sad to see she always loses control.”

But not everyone thinks Miley is struggling, though.

One Twitter user defended the artist, tweeting:

“People are saying Miley Cyrus is too skinny bc you can see her ribs… I’m 64kg, and you can see my ribs as well… I’m deffo not skinny, BUT WE ALL HAVE RIBS SO STFU AND LEAVE MILEY’S RIBS ALONE.”

Maybe Miley’s fan base needs to take a chill pill and let her be. She has had enough battles for one year, and I’m sure she’s doing just fine.

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