‘Someone just got eaten’: Beachgoers watch in h0rror as great white shark k!lls swimmer

Witnesses at a beach near Sydney, Australia, watched in h0rror as a swimmer was k!lled by a shark on Wednesday.

Video shows the gruesome at*ack unfold as one witness scre*ms, “Someone just got eaten by a shark!”

“Out of nowhere we just heard like, ‘Agh’ And something came up and, yeah, it was just a big shark in the air, totally airborne, h!t the guy very, very quick,” a witness reported. “Came back down and we realized it was a shark at*ack on a swimmer. Just 10 meters off the rocks. We couldn’t do anything about it.”

“We heard a yell and turned around, it looked like a car had landed in the water, a big splash then the shark … there was blo0d everywhere,” said another witness.

Authorities told 9 News Australia that the “big shark” responsible for the de*dly at*ack was likely a great white.

“Based on footage provided by the public, including eyewitness accounts, DPI shark biologists believe that a white shark, at least 3 metres in length, was likely responsible,” the Department of Primary Industries said in a statement.


The fata| shark at*ack was reportedly the first in Sydney in almost 60 years.

Warning: Graphic Video:



Several beaches remain temporarily closed in the area as authorities work to install multiple SMART drumlines, a non-lethal method of shark control.


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