Black alien’ has skin carved out of head to spell nickname as part of latest body modification

A man who calls himself the “black alien” has revealed that he carved out the skin in his head to spell “Alien”.

Anthony Loffredo, a 32-year-old from France, has undergone many body modifications – such as removing his fingers, upper lip, eyeballs, and part of his nose since the age of 27.

He is also heavily tattooed, has reptilian-style implants all over his head and arms, and has a split tongue to replicate a snake-like figure.

Just when we thought he was done, Loffredo admitted that the next body modification he underwent was what might be his most gruesome one yet.

Check out the clip below:

In a video shared to his 1.3 million followers on Instgram, Loffredo showed off the side of his head – which now has the word “alien” carved into it.

The plastic surgery aficionado fanatic suggested in the video, where his black-tattooed skin has been sliced out, that he’s not even halfway to reaching his target in the caption, writing: “Black alien project evolution 45%.”

Despite his large social media following, in real life, Loffredo has opened up about the difficulties he faces due to his uncommon look – including finding employment.

Speaking on an episode of the Club 113 podcast, he said: “I can’t find a job, there’s lots of negative stuff. It could be positive because you feel better, but you have to know there’s also a dark side.”

The so-called Black Alien has also spoken about the day-to-day scrutiny he faces because of his appearance by sharing videos of him walking through crowded streets to record other people’s reactions.

According to the New York Post, in 2017, Loffredo revealed to the French paper Midi Libre why he decided to alter his looks, saying: “From a very young age, I have been passionate about mutations and transformations of the human body.”

“I had a click when I was a security guard. I realized that I was not living my life the way I wanted. I stopped everything at 24 and left for Australia,” he told the outlet.

“I love getting into the shoes of a scary character. I often settle down somewhere and play a role, especially at night in the dark streets… I explore the contrast between the role I play and myself,” Loffredo added.

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