Woman with Jeffrey Dahmer tattoo defends controversial inking

A woman who has a tattoo of American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has defended her bizarre choice of inking.

Known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal”, Dahmer’s crimes have once again been thrust into the spotlight as a result of Netflix’s new drama series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Starring Evan Peters as the notorious criminal, the show details the events that took place between the 1970s and the early 1990s, as one of America’s most twisted serial killers murdered and dismembered the bodies of 17 men and boys – many of them non-white and some underage.

Police finally captured Dahmer in 1992.

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The ten-part series is narrated through the lives of the victims who were affected by the systemic racism and institutional failures of the police that allowed Dahmer to carry out his killing spree.

And with Dahmer’s crimes once again becoming a talking point among viewers, one woman has opted to speak out about a tattoo she has depicting the killer.

Yes, 28-year-old Britnee Chamberlain has actually opted to brand herself with an image of the Dahmer on her leg, along with the quote: “If you can’t beat ’em, eat ’em.”

Speaking to the Daily Star about her tattoo back in December, Chamberlain said: “I can say that my favorite piece of the sleeve is the quote by Jeffrey Dahmer.

“Now that’s not to say I envision it in the way he did. But metaphorically speaking not feeling defeated by others and pursuing nonetheless, no matter the difficulty for you.”

But the tattoo isn’t always positively received, with one Instagram user commenting on one of Britnee’s posts, saying: “Do you realize how disgusting this is?

“You can be interested by serial killers. Watch a documentary, become a psychologist, or a criminologist. Victims of these killers are still alive.

“Imagine one of their family members or the victims seeing this on you. You are fetishizing real-life murderers and it absolutely disgusts me. Enjoying horror and loving FICTIONAL characters is 10000% different than this s**t. Ew.”

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However, Chamberlain – who also has a tattoo of serial killer Ted Bundy – says she is not condoning the actions of these men.

“I don’t condone the hostile crimes of serial killers by any means,” she explained. “I am simply intrigued as to why they do it.”

“There are so many contributing factors such as socio-environmental, biological and psychological aspects that encourage or result in a criminal acting out in the way they do,” she added.

And the Sydney-native revealed that she has no problem with people not enjoying her tattoo, saying: “If I was worried about what others think I wouldn’t be staying true to myself and living a life of authenticity.”

“Having these displayed on my body is solely for my own personal meaning, as is for someone who has a beloved pet, initials of a loved one or perhaps a silly joke tattooed on theirs,” she added.


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