Super-fit Grandma, 52, Flooded With Messages From Guys Half Of Her Age

Charlene Farnsworth spends half her time in bikinis showing off her super toned body on Instagram, with 218 followers. If she isn’t doing this, the 52-Year-Old can be found in the gym as she spends about six days a week working out, focusing mainly on weightlifting.

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Due to her super-fit body, the hot grandma is often mistaken for a model, and, YES, young men, including those half her age, flood her DMs.
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But the Canada-based is happily married to her husband Mike Farnsworth and counts twenty-two years together.
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Charlene credits her husband for supporting her fitness journey and reveals that she’s having the best s*x of her life since dedicating herself to bodybuilding.

The man was taking a picture of his partner when he discovered an odd feature that gave him the chills!

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