“I Wanted To Try The ‘Bodysuit As A Top’ Trend But Discovered There Are Two Big Reasons I Can’t Pull It Off”

The bodysuit trend isn’t going anywhere, as the fashion item has become a staple in wardrobes. It can be worn all year round, ranging from long-sleeve, short-sleeve, armless, and turtleneck, to name just a few. In a more versatile way, they can be paired with a pantsuit and any style for YOU.

‘Bodysuit as a top’ is currently among the hottest trend of 2022, but sadly, Adelina can’t give it a shot.

Taking to TikTok to tell of the reason why she can’t try out the trend, Adelina showed an image of a model in a white bodysuit with black trousers [pictured below and then showed herself in a leopard-print and black lace number, which was clearly struggling to contain her curves, with beige trousers.

She then wrote over her image: “Remembering why I can’t.”


Sharing opinions on the subject matter, someone wrote in the comment: “BROOOOOO same, I’m a G cup, and I just know one wrong move and everyone is getting a show!” Another added: “Last time I wore something like that to the club & I got free drinks all night. I call it a win.” A third said: “Yep. My girls need a bit more support. One wrong turn, and it’s all out!”


The comments went on, with a fourth stating: “One gust of wind and it’s OVER.”


A few insisted that Adelina could get away with trying out the trend, but a fifth insisted: “I’m a JJ and literally can’t.” Of those that urged the TikToker to give the trend a shot, one wrote, appearing confused: “Why can’t you? I’m confused.” Another said, motivating Adelina: “Why not? IT LOOKS BOMB.” A third commented: “I see no issue here!”

Someone further argued: “Everyone in the comments asking why she can’t, this is how it fits without moving, one wrong move and everything falls out.”


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