Here’s How To Know Whether She’s Experienced Or Not

Alright, ladies, before you jump down our throats, we just want to let you that there’s no scientific proof to tell how ‘experienced’ a woman is in the bedroom or not until men are granted access for themselves. Let that be clear… However, throughout time some women haven’t been totally honest on whether they’ve turned in their v-card or not until it’s too late. We’ve gathered some interesting tidbits on whether the young lady you’ve had your eyes on is still pure or not and also let it be known, you all can do with your body as you choose. With that being said, check out these fifteen clues to tell if she’s a virgin or not for yourselves and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

The Happiness Factor

For some reason, it’s believed to be that women who are virgins or less experienced in the lovemaking department are happier. This is true when dealing with a selfish lover or in the midst of a rocky relationship but, it can also be proven that women are a lot happier in the bedroom with their significant other as well.

Flirtatious Behavior

A lot of young women and ladies that aren’t experienced between the sheets tend to be a little shy and bashful when it comes to being openly flirty. This makes total sense but, still doesn’t prove whether or not if someone could potentially be a virgin or not. Shy girls get it in too.

The Stare

Eye contact is very prominent in the world of seduction and attraction, which simply isn’t a characteristic of someone who’s never been intimate with someone. Eye f*cking is an art many experienced women have mastered throughout their years and probably won’t see such actions coming from the innocent ones.

The Strut

This has been a pretty legendary belief that has been passed down from generation to generation. Supposedly, a woman’s walk changes after having sex for the first time causing them to walk a little broader than before. Honestly, a nicely practiced strut can fool anyone though.

Most chicks that are willing to say something graphic or share their unpopular opinion have a good chance of being a freak in the sheets as well. While the young lady, who prefers to keep her opinions to herself is most likely the one who isn’t that well-versed in physical relations. Once again, this is all relative.


Let’s face it, someone who’s never done something before might have an issue with their self-esteem or confidence towards the said set of actions. Especially, when it comes to getting it on so, supposedly women with more self-confidence are the ones with the more experience and less likely to be virgins.

Body Language

Body language is another crucial and vital key in the law of attraction. Majority of young ladies develop a keen sense of body language from a young age in order to protect themselves from weirdos and predators but, with age and experience, the more advanced can recognize the overtly interested, to the creeps, to the possible match much better than someone who’s had no experience at all.

Prepared At All Times

Personally, we think anyone who’s ready to delve into the world of sexual intercourse they should always be prepared and carry the proper contraception with them at all times. But, there’s a stigma that comes with it that supposedly only the more experienced carry condoms with them.

Knowing What Men Want

Honestly, it’s not even that hard to guess what men want but, the ladies that just so happen to be seasoned in the bedroom have a better idea of what men want. Despite that, we believe even the most innocent of virgins has an idea of what the average man wants.

The Foggy Memory

Alright, so supposedly, women who have been around tend to be more forgetful than those are supposedly less experienced or virgins in order to hide their lustful ways from their next victim. We understand this could be a defense mechanism for some women but, doesn’t apply to all.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

So, there’s this sick twisted idea that the more beautiful a woman is, the more likely she’s been around when that’s obviously not the case and isn’t fair at all. But, some might get that this logic came from how much a woman puts in the time to be considered ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ when the virgin girl is more likely to just throw on a wrinkled t-shirt and jeans to a semi-formal event because she has ‘no one to impress’. Twisted logic but some might say they can justify it.

Downplays Or Embraces Religion

Society still holds true to the ideals that religious women sit around all their lives waiting for the perfect man to approach them and finally take their hand in marriage and make an honest woman out of them. When that isn’t the case sometimes. Not all women who are freaks in the sheets are complete heathens as well but, that’s the perception somehow.

No Makeup

For another strange reason, if a woman hasn’t invested thousands of dollars into the makeup industry, they’re a proven angel which doesn’t make that much sense but, we’re rolling with it. Maybe, it’s because women who are less dressed up and wear less makeup don’t appear to be in the hunt for men on the prowl.

Birth control has been proven to help young women with acne, menstrual cramps, and more but, according to societal standards if you see a young lady with birth control pills, she’s gotta be having some type of sex, which isn’t always necessarily true. Unfortunately, this is the stigma we’ve created.

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