20 Mocking Illustrations Reveals The Dreadful Reality Of Modern Culture

Humanity has reached to a certain point where we need to bring some important changes and ask ourselves some harsh questions. But more often than not, we are failing at recognizing the problem at hand or let’s say we turn a blind eye towards everything we see as a problem.

Raise a student is the teacher’s job

Teachers don’t allow students to grow but they pressure them to stay according to them.

Showing off Emotions On Screen But Not In Reality

When Syria beats the hearts of millions but through a screen.



Addiction towards social media

The entangle of social media in the lives of students.



To Seize all the glorification in the name of humbleness.

The best thing about charity is not speaking about it

Allow Your Children to fly

The parent always needs to protect their child in all circumstances.

Controlled by a Joystick.


We involve so much in games that we forget everything around us.

Compromising their life For Saving Other Families so that they can enjoy

Are we losing our freedom in the madness for security?


Every father is a superhero to his kids.

None of them is jealous of us now.

The reality of our planet

Making fun of each other’s religion is a new thing.

We Stay together but still make fun of our friends who belong to different religion.

This is showing the actual reality

There’s jealousy, hatred but still pretending as if they are “good friends” and can’t live without each other

Today’s Reality

The importance we give to technology is quite bizarre.

Good Or Bad You Decide

It depends on what you feed your brain.

If only…?

Change your thoughts

Be happy in what you have!


One always crave for what they do not have.

Social Media Addiction

Internet actually runs in our veins now.

Money is everything

Feeding the sense all the cash does the trick.

Beauty is fading

Earth is transforming into a fancy graveyard with each passing day.

Not helping but ignorant towards society

Cruelty is being documented these days.

No comments on it.

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