20 Things Women Have Done Which They Will Not Admit Publicly

Girls are mysterious indeed. And we often tend to keep secrets. Atleast inside the girl clan. These are the things that girls do that they often disagree to, or do not accept publicly.

Washing sessions

So lady, do you remember when you last washed your bra? No, right?

Tampon instructions

Do you follow the tampon instruction, ladies? You should change your tampon every four to six hours




I know, this is a real saviour. Using the toilet paper when you run out of tampons and pads.



No Shave

When it’s cold outside, you opt not to shave until and unless you have to wear a short dress. Agreed, right?

Peeing in the shower

Yes, yes, you have definitely done this one. Who hasn’t?

Picking nose

Picking your nose is something we all do but we don’t really agree to it.

Dirty Nails


We often clean the dirt under the nails with out nails itself.

Sneezing on a period

This is exactly how it feels like when we sneeze on our period. Relatable enough?

Washing your hair

Sometimes it just feels right! you may even go days and weeks without washing your hair.

Peeling off your skin

Peeling your skin after a sunburn makes you feels like some sort of serpent.

Washing makeup brushes.

Do you remember the last time you washed your makeup brushes?

Picking off nail polish with your teeth

We have all done this exceptionally-anti-decent-thing. It seems fun!

Getting your blackheads in your strips

Nothing, literally nothing is more satisfying than removing your blackheads with a strip and then admiring it for hours. Same goes with waxing.

Wash or Wear again!

We all do this, smelling our clothes and deciding if we should wash them or is it worth wearing again.

Makeup nightmares

You do pick off bits of mascara from your eyelashes with your fingers.

Fishing under your bra

We’ve all done this. Fishing bits of food under your bra is your favourite pass time. JK!

Getting that strand of hair from your butt creek

It is so satisfying than removing a strand of hair that got into your bits or your bum.

Popping your zit.

Yet another satisfying thing!

Accepting farting

Do we ever accept this? Nope!


It is relaxing, lying down to watch TV and putting a hand down your pants.

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