These Chinese Village Girls Are S*ductive Than Victoria’s Secret Supermodels

City girls are like a butterfly, there a village girl is more of a symbol of simplicity. As they live close to nature, they are full of innocence and their natural beauty is s*xier and attractive. If Victoria’s Secret supermodels are like dolls. However, some Chinese country girls have broken this myth, as they have turned looking s*xier than any suburban, rural or village girls.

Natural beauties in this village haven’t gone under the kn!fe.

They don’t need for any makeup or photoshop, their beauty deserves an applause.

Supermodels are fan

Even the supermodels cannot ignore these natural and s*xier girls. They simply wake up looking like this without trying.



H0tness Overloaded

When you feel h0t staring at these girls then you need to fan yourselves cool.



Smooth Skin

Wearing short clothes, this country girls carry an amazing front, leaving limited to the imagination.

Beauty Peag-ants

Chinese girls are quite impressive, as they have made their presence felt at the Olympics and won beauty page-ants.

S*xy Cook

When someone is s*xier as a cooks for you then you shouldn’t mind how the dish is served.


She’s owning such s*xier features and also looking so h0t, that the water below gets heated up.


They are the angels because their body features are so divne, as you just can’t look away.

Red Chilly is now more h0tter

The red-hot chilies shows how s*xier and h0t are these village girls.

Look Right

Everybody’s eyes googled out, with their short clothes and natural beauty.

This is it

A smile is the best makeup for girls

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