He D!ed At The Age Of 10, The Reason Is Totally Deviating.

I had no idea of this d*nger.

#10 He Was Full Of Life.

Meet this 10-year-old kid, Keith Pierce loaded with enthusiasm and great hopes for life. He had celebrated his 10th birthday lately but just a month later a trag!c !ncident took over his life.

#9 Energetic And Athletic.

That’s how his near and dear ones used to define him. Other than his sport’s love, he cared for his family and three siblings as well.

His didn’t had gotten over from his 10th birthday, and life showed him a miserable phase to this young kid.



#8 His Life Blew With The Candles.

Who knew this birthday would be his last birthday. Just a month later, every lives were m0cked down. They had lost a would be shining star of the family.



#7 That Mark On His Leg.

It was 30th September when Keith had experienced pa!n and swelling on one of this leg. The pa!n was accompanied by a black spot. He was taken to Bozeman Deaconess Hosp!tal for check up.

Things had started to worsen from here.

#6 Things Began To Happen.

People at Bozeman Deaconess Hosp!tal had declared that this wasn’t any risk of c*ncer and thus Keith was sent back home with disa*pointment and pa!n.

#5 But That Never Ended.

The little boy was experiencing immense pa!n and to put this to an end, his mother took him to St. Vincent Hosp!tal in Billings, Montana and had under gone a surgery.

#4 It Was All In front Of Their Eyes.

Soon after the surgery, Keith lost to de*th.The Hosp!tals has ” determined the cause of de*th as severe sepsis due to complications of a spider bite.” The spider was supposedly be brown recluse.

But his mom discloses something unavoidable ahead.

#3 She Knew It Already.

Keith’s mom Wandy said, “I saw what appeared to be a set of fang marks. I tried to tell them that it was a spider bite,”

A mother lost his young child but didn’t want the same to happen with any other mom and is spreading awareness since then. Look ahead.

#2 A Warning To One And All.

Experts are spreading awareness for this saying that in areas where brown recluse is found, kids should wear full sleeve T-shirt and and full length trousers but this is a tough challenge specially during h0t summers.

#1 Small Coffins Are The Hardest.

So, the next time of you meet with such !ncident or meet with any child who gets v!ctimized by this, do not over look the matter and immediately run for medical help.

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