10 Things Women Do On The First Date Which Drives Men Crazy.

There is an unwritten set of rules of first dates that must be followed by both the sides for it to be a fantastic date! But often, one of them screw it up badly! While there are many things that men do to ruin a date, there are also some things that women do on first dates that can totally drive men crazy! Let’s check them out!

Bringing Up The Topic Of Marriage

While it is your right to know where your relationship is heading to, it is not something you should be discussing on the first date! So, wait a little longer before talking about the elephant in the room!

Talking Too Much About Your Work

The other person is interested in you as a person, so don’t bore him up with unnecessary office work details!



Using Cellphones While On A Date

No points for guessing and this is for both men and women! Initiate a conversation while on a date, don’t be on your phone at least while talking to the other person, it’s rude!



Not Sharing The Bill

It’s just the first date, hence you should not put up the burden of paying the bill solely on your partner. Split the bill in half!

Not making an effort to keep the conversation going

Just don’t play hard to get if you’re really interested in the guy! Initiate the conversation and make an effort to keep it going.

Talking in baby voices

Avoid doing that on the first date at least! Be your mature self, save all the cute stuff that’s actually annoying sometimes for later!

Finding Faults In Everything

Don’t be over critical of everything around you. This would make you look like a very difficult person to be with!

Don’t Be Excessively Controlling

You’re just meeting each other for the first time, hence, there’s no way you should be telling them what to do and what not to do!


Now, this is an important one! Avoid overdressing and also, don’t wear too much perfume, and this one is for all the dates that you’ll ever have with the guy!

Not Registering His Compliments

Don’t play too smart! Acknowledge the compliments he is giving you and reciprocate the warmth, a simple thank you would suffice!!

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