Li Ching Yuen

Li Ching Yuen

It is neither a myth nor a mystical tale, but the longest a man has lived on the earth is 256 years. This man Li Ching-Yuen was a beloved man of the community. A professor, Wu Chung Chieh, was a professor at Chengdu University and discovered few old articles which held the government records of wishing Li Ching on his 150th birthday, 200th birthday and so on.

He was a herbalist

Li Ching Yuen started his career as a herbalist at the age of 10 where he found the herbs in the mountainous regions that had the potency to increase longevity. He lived for a span of 40 years on a diet with herbs in it and a meal of couple times. He joined the Chinese army at the age of 71 years at a position of Martial arts teacher.



The Life He Lived

He was a very loved member of the society. He married over 23 times and fathered over 200 kids. As per the tales that spread in the community, he could read and write at an early age and had travelled to so many places like Kansu, Siam, Manchuria and other places for gathering herbs.

The Herbs He Collected

For the first 100 years of his life, he gathered herbs and consumed and sold them. After that period, he started collecting herbs from other gatherers and collectors which included Goji berry, he shouwou, lingzhi and gotu kola. He lived the life on herbs and rice wine.

Keep reading to know what secret he revealed about his long life.

The Secret Of Increasing the Longevity of Life

One of the Li’s disciples stated that he once visited a man who was around 500 years older to him and gave him dietary recommendations and basics of Qigong exercises. As per him, these were able to enhance the longevity and the quality of life. The master of Longevity, Li, stated on his deathbed that he did everything that he ever wanted to do in his life.

A worry-less life

The secret behind Li’s long life as he would put was to sleep like a dog, walk like a pigeon, sit like the tortoise and keep one’s heart quie

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