Giant Redback Spider Catches A Snake, The End Is Horr!ble

We really don’t get to (nor we want to) see spiders and snakes fighting in our garages or basements, but that is not a choice if you live in Australia.

#5 A Tough Match

Loved WWE? Who’d win a match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar? Tough match, right?

Such was the case when a battle between two of Australia’s most venomous creatures unfolded in a woman’s backyard shed.

#4 Fight

A giant female redback spider and a de*dly brown crossed their paths and apparently, the Australian redback spider didn’t like the venomous snake. Who do you think won? Spider or the snake?




#3 Who Won?

Well, it was an intense fight! A very intense fight I must say. Right from the start, I thought snake might win it! But who did?



#2 Captured In A Web


Well yes, I was wrong. Snake lost! A de*dly eastern brown snake was captured in a red back spider’s web.

#1 The Image


Isn’t it shocking? The snake lost! When clearly, he could’ve won! Look at this image, how helpless is this snake here! Unbelievable!

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