Her Brother Died In A Car Accident. 10 Years Later Her Mom And Dad Tell Her A Secret On Her Birthday

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#5 It was her birthday

A Latin Family always celebrates the 15th birthday of their daughters with great pomp and festivity. It’s called as the Quinceanera. And Monique Salina from Benvides,Texas, coming of age 15th birthday celebrations was no different.

It was a very important occasion, not just for Monique but for her family as well. But, yet there was an air of longing at the celebrations.

#4 Something had happened 10 years ago..

The family was very happy. But they solely wished their son too had been there to witness his sister’s Quinceanera. Monique’s brother Mickey had died 10 years ago in a car accident. He could not be saved despite so many efforts by the doctor. If only he were alive….

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#3 They revealed it to her


At the time of Mickey’s death, his organs were donated. And that’s how and why Aubrey Reeves was saved. Her body had rejected 2 hearts previously but then Mickey’s heart was a perfect fit. She also received kidney transplants. She was eight years then.


#2 The hospital told them

Under normal circumstances, the details of a recipient are not disclosed to the family of the donor. But 10 years later the hospital released the details of the recipient in order to help the family get some closure. And then, Monique’s parent’s invited Aubrey to Monique’s birthday.

What the parent’s said will melt your heart..Go ahead to know

#1 Heartwarming..

They said that even though their son couldn’t be there, his heart had someone’s life and continued to live on. Monique was overcame with emot

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