Photographs That Prove Photoshop Is Indeed A Dangerous Tool

Oh, people!


This is what they call PERFECT photoshop, but it is also DANGEROUS! OMG, can’t think of reactions of people who know them!

#7 Comic Book Caricature

She exists in flesh and blood? My whole life was a lie!



#6 Ouch!

The baby doll look? Oh, okay fine! That’s how it is done!



#5 What Are We? Blind

Don’t outsmart the viewers’ bro, you gotta relax!

#4 LOL

Looks like there are special planes that fly at this height!

#3 WHY!

Why do people think that viewers are actually blind and would not see this with the naked eye!

#2 Relax Bro!

Everyone is not blind enough to check the tanned color of the photoshopped body!

#1 Well, Nice Try!

But there’s something called body proportion!

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