How To Give Your Hair The Perfect Wash! 10 Tips For Healthy Hair!

Keeping the God-given gift in tip top shape!

#10 Don’t Towel Dry

Because of the friction caused by the towel, your hair will become frizzy leading to more hair damage. Instead, use a t-shirt or blot your hair.

#9 More isn’t good

Don’t use too much of shampoo or conditioner thinking that the more you use, the quicker you can get the result you need.



#8 Be Gentle

Don’t scrub your hair very hard as it leads to more hair problems and hair loss. Mild and gentle movement is the way to go.



#7 Start from roots, end at tips

We don’t always wash our hair the way we have to. But you must not break this rule- start at the roots and work your way through the tips. The root is the majority of the area where you need to focus on as more problems are dealt there. Moisturize your tips and only your tips.

#6 Shampoo isn’t always good

Due to the numerous advertisements, you might be under the impression that shampoo is a must for washing your hair. But you’re wrong. Too much of shampoo in the long run just damages your hair. Because ultimately shampoo is made of chemicals. Water is the best thing for your hair.Skip the constant shampooing and use just water for healthier hair.

#5 Say no to repeating!

The rinse and repeat technique isn’t a good choice as the second round strips your hair of its moisture. Only do this when in need.

#4 No Hot Water!

At the end of a busy day,a hot steamy shower might sound like just the thing you need. But your hair definitely doesn’t need it as hot water damages the hair a great deal. Switch from hot to lukewarm water.

#3 Conditioning Timely!

Most people when they use conditioner don’t let it settle and just wash it all way. Don’t do that! Time yourself, detangle your hair while waiting and voila! Amazing smoothness!

#2 Don’t condition wet hair!

Because the conditioner doesn’t work the way it should when your hair is dripping wet.

#1 Be Calm

At the end of it all, turn off the water, take a few seconds to yourself and finish it up with a quick wash with just cold water.

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