Pictures That Show How ‘The Karate Kid’ Stars Have Transformed

They really have…

Mr. Han played by Jackie Chan

To teach Dre played by Jaden Smith, Mr Han introduced him to the famous Jacket technique.

What He Is Doing Now

Jackie Chan has been away from the music industry for almost 15 years and is soon planning to release his new album.



Sherry Parker played by Taraji P Henson

One can see the difference in the look of Taraji from the scene where Parker called the Dre’s team as the team Karate and was immediately corrected by Dre.



What Is She Doing Now?

After the success of this movie, the actor was seen in successful films like Hidden Figures released in 2016 and TV series like Person of Interest and Empire.

Jaden Smith

He played the character of Dre n the movie

Where Is He Now?

Son of the famous Will Smith, Jaden Smith is doing everything from movies and films to travelling and parties, living his life to the fullest.

Meiying played by Wenwen Han

Wenwen scored hearts of thousands of kids in the year 2010 and the years to come whenever someone saw The Karate Kid.

Where Is She Now?

Although the actress does not have any other film to the credit, she earned a lot of fame and love through this movie and recently living in China.

Cheng played by Zhenwei Wang

Though Zhenwei suffered injuy and got 4 stitches during the movie production, he was well known after the movie.

What Is He Doing Now?

He was spotted in the famous TV series named as Martial Arts Vs Reality.

Rongguang Yu

The character of Master Li was played by Rongguang Yu in the movie

What Is He Doing Now?

After the movie release in 2010, Rongguang has pursued his career in the mainstream filmmaking

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