The ‘We Wish’ Reality vs Reality As It Is!

So, as we all know how life is unfair in so many ways. Here are some good everyday life examples to remind you of the games life sadly plays with us.

#7 Weekend Diaries

Throughout the week we think we will be partying the weekend and what do we really do? Yep, that’s right. Sit with our laptop and watch the time pass by as a miserable Monday welcomes us with devil-shaped hands.

#6 Picture Perfect Pout

Pout, these days, almost seem like an art. People with picture perfect pouts should not exist! Why, just oh why, does it never work for us?

Keep looking to have more heart shattering realities you know you are going to agree to!



#5 The Hotness Around

Beach, the heavenly place filled with beautiful girls you can’t help but admire, right?

When the realisation sinks in after a while of searching around. Yes, that’s what life does to you.



#4 Poor Us, Right?

So yes, everybody is safe. Except, our heart is not. It’s shattered after realising there are no hot firemen on their way to be your saviour.

Thank you movies for spoiling our imagination and reality ideas.

Don’t stop. Keep looking for more blindfolds.

#3 People Person

Days, weeks, or hours, check whenever and the amount of notifications is always a disappointment. Where do those people come from with all those notifications? I mean, I am happy with just a few! I am not saying more wouldn’t be awesome, but then at least a few?

#2 The Unconditional Love We Think We Share With Our Cat

You think there is at least that one who will love you forever, no matter what. The one you love and care for and the one who would cuddle you as soon as you are home, just like everybody else’s cat.

And then ….

Keep looking, I promise you the last one isn’t so bad.

#1 The Long Awaited Summer Breaks

All those plans for the summers and then the laziness creeps in after realising no plans are really going to work out except for you sulking about it

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