12 Stories About People Who Deserve a Medal for Quick Thinking

Every day is full of exciting events. Thanks to such websites as Reddit, Overheard, and Ward №6 they become known to a great number of people.

Riddle Side has picked 12 stories for you, each of them a snippet of someone’s colorful life.

My boyfriend is incredible. Yesterday we were arguing, and I shouted that I didn’t want to see him anymore. So he just turned the lights off! Can’t argue with him now, can I?

I was frequently ill in my childhood. Endless doctors and hospitals. I really was fed up with them! So I told my parents, “I’m done. Can I please have a magical medicine to take and be healthy again?” The next day my dad burst into my room shouting, “I’ve found it!” He handed me a small glass bottle and said, “Drink this, and you’ll be healthy soon. It’s a magical potion.” The green stuff in the bottle convinced me that the drink really was magical. I drank it and started to get better. Later I learned that this “magical potion” was just some soda water with green mint syrup.

12 Stories About People Who Deserve a Medal for Quick Thinking

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The only way to stop smoking with the help of Allen Carr’s book is to ask your friends to smack you with it each time you reach out for a cigarette. Well, at least, that was the way I managed to do it because reading the book didn’t help at all…

I was on a subway train, and there was this pretty girl in front of me. She was openly ogling the guy standing in front of her. Suddenly she took a piece of paper out of her bag, scribbled something on it, and threw it into the guy’s hood. 5 minutes later, she seemed to have changed her mind. So she reached out to take the note back. The guy noticed and put his hood on, and the note fell on the floor. I was watching them to see what happened next. The guy picked the note up, grabbed his phone, and called the number written on the paper. The girl’s phone rang, and she looked like a tomato with her face all red. As I left, they were already chatting sweetly.

I was writing an explanatory note about why I was late for work. I couldn’t think of anything, so I just wrote that I heard the Backstreet Boys singing “Larger Than Life” on the radio, started singing and dancing to it, and then went on to play all their albums on my computer. I was forgiven and wasn’t even fined.

12 Stories About People Who Deserve a Medal for Quick Thinking

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I am so ashamed! On the operating table, my anesthesiologist was trying to wake me up. He was tapping on my forehead and saying something. I opened one eye and muttered, “Are you a woodpecker or something?” All the people in the operating room laughed their heads off. I couldn’t remember any of this, of course. A nurse told me.

I caught my husband cheating thanks to electronic scales. I keep a close track of my weight. I came across a weird number in the scales’ memory. I thought about it for a while, couldn’t remember when I’d weighed so much, and then everything fell into place. So I asked him directly. He was shocked but then confessed. My husband had no idea that the scales were “smart.” Smarter than he was.

My sister had twins. Once she came to see me and left the kids with her husband. We had a really nice chat, and in the evening she went home to see how her husband managed on his own. An hour later I get a message from my sister: “You won’t believe what hubby did to tell the girls apart!” and a photo of the kids. One had number 1 on her forehead, and the other girl had number 2!

12 Stories About People Who Deserve a Medal for Quick Thinking


My grandma bet me that I couldn’t eat 25 of her cookies in a row. I laughed and said that she was clearly underestimating me. So there I was finishing my 24th cookie, but the 25th one wasn’t on the plate… Then grandma takes a cookie out of the cupboard, and it’s literally the size of the plate itself. To cut the story short, grandma won.

I found an old chest in my late grandpa’s house. It took me a while to open it. I thought there was some treasure in there. When I finally opened it, I found a note inside: “Here is a bottle of 20-year-old rum. I wanted to give it to you when you gave me a grandson, but there’s no grandson, so I drank it myself. Now reread this, and realize what a loser you are! And the rum was great! Yo-ho-ho!”

When I have guests at my house, they all chat, share news, help me cook, joke, sing, and play board games. My friends just love visiting me. They say that I have a unique atmosphere in my house. The secret is simple: I don’t have Wi-Fi, and there’s no Internet connection. People are forced to communicate, not stay glued to their smartphones.

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I was on a walk with my 4-year-old son. Among our neighbors, there are Vietnamese children who don’t speak English. 3 of the Vietnamese boys were playing in a sandbox, and their bikes were parked nearby. My son liked one of them. For about 5 minutes he was circling that bike, then plucked up his courage and blurted out, “Boys, can I ride this bike? I want to ride this bike. Understand? Can I?” He received only confusing sounds in return. Then my son sighs and, pointing at the bike, says, “SINKHANCHONCHINKHANCHONCHIKHAN!” A 5-second silence follows… The owner of the bike silently stands up, grabs his transport, hands it over to my son, and silently sits back down. My son, looking all pleased with himself, starts riding around the yard. And I had no idea you could do this.

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