She Posted A Pic Of Ex & Fiance Leaving Hospital With Her Newborn.

Even when breakups happen parents can still be a good influence on their children, and keeping your children as the priority can make a big difference.

When a couple that has children gets divorced or breaks up and a new romance starts with one of them, it’s usually awful hard for that other parent to trust this new person in their ex’s life… especially with their children. Most people just flat-out resent that new person in their ex’s world, and it can lead to more and more bitterness between the parents. And, of course, that can have some serious consequences with the children.

Madison was with Tyler when she had their son, and they named him Cade. A few years later, the two broke up and it took a real mental toll on Madison and the two very seldom spoke to each other. Then Madison met Cody and her world was better. And Tyler met Karin and his world was better. And Karin was the one to get Tyler back on speaking terms with Madison.

Says Madison: “Meeting Karin was when we both became happy again. I think meeting new people who put our child first and respected that we had Cade together no matter what and us both being happy again helped.

She was the one who suggested we all sit down and put all our differences aside. Leave the past in the past and everything that hurt or upset any one of the four of us resolve right then and there, so that the future was nothing but positive and full of love from the four of us for Cade!”

Madison began bonding with Karin on her own, and they now are very good friends. Fortunately, they all came to grips with each other. When Madison bonded with Karin, Cody bonded with Tyler. Cody and Tyler are shown in a photo walking down a hospital corridor holding hands with Cade just after Madison gave birth to her second son, this time was Cody being the father.

And now they all work together to make sure that the children are the number one priority above anything else. Madison shared her story on Facebook and it soon went viral.

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