Doorbell cam captures Mormon missionaries leaving after reading gay couple’s doormat

A gay couple have inadvertently deterred two Mormon missionaries wishing to talk about the word of God after they turned away from the couple’s house upon reading their doormat, a viral TikTok has shown.

Indiana spouses, Jamie, 28, and her wife Melissa, 32, purchased a rainbow-trimmed doormat in June that proudly read: “Gayest Place In Town”.

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Several weeks after placing it outside their front door, their doorbell camera captured two young Mormon (AKA Church of Jesus Christ) missionaries strolling up to the door dressed in the typical attire – white business shirts and ties – and fully armed with religious pamphlets.

Sadly, before the two men could even think about knocking on the couple’s door, they peered down at the welcome mat, with one of the men starting to read it out loud. He only managed to say: “Gayest,” before his partner stated: “Nope,” and they both sauntered off.

Clearly finding the situation hilarious, the footage was uploaded to TikTok, where it then went viral. The video – which has 7 million views and over 900,000 likes – was captioned: “My wife and I recently got a new door mat. It was a great investment. It says ‘gayest place in town’ and has the added benefit of keeping religious zealots from knocking on our door to tell us about their god.”

My wife and I recently got a new door mat. It was a great investment. It says “gayest place in town” and has the added benefit of keeping religious zealots from knocking on our door to tell us about their god.

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Internet users flooded the comments section underneath the video. One person wrote: “Isn’t their job to ‘save’ you? They failed the ‘mission’!!”

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That comment seemingly referred to the goal of Mormon missionaries, who aim to travel the world preaching the gospel and allegedly helping others come closer to God, according to the Church of Jesus Christ. Evidently, these two missionaries felt it wouldn’t be possible to bring Jamie and Melissa closer to God.

“PLEASE the way they just walk away they’re afraid of the rainbow,” another user commented.

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A third user, Ben, added: “My husband would always say ‘just one second, let me grab my hubby and we will discuss.’ The look of terror was priceless and they never returned.”

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Other TikTok users offered a different perspective, questioning whether the missionaries chose to walk away out of respect for Jamie and Melissa: “Honestly I feel like them walking away is more out of respect like, ‘Hey, you guys do you, no trouble [sic].”

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The Church of Jesus Christ hasn’t just been making the rounds on TikTok, however, as the controversial church recently made headlines for separate reasons. Earlier this month, the New York Post reported that a Mormon woman named Holly Jane was shunned from her religious community following her choice to go public about her OnlyFans account.

The mom revealed she was making upwards of $500,000 a year from her erotic account after struggling to make ends meet when her late-husband died in 2017. Upon learning of this, the Church of Jesus Christ told Jane that she would have to choose between being a member of the church, or continuing to upload sexual images her OnlyFans account – something she maintained was perfectly fine under the rules of the church.

“I’m [posting nude photos] in the safety of my own home on my own time. Everybody masturbates and sends racy pictures… This way, I still get to practice the traditional ways of being a homebody but instead of sleeping around, which wouldn’t match up with the ideals of the church, I’m making a living from my hot body,” she said.

Despite being frozen out by her community, Jane said she would continue being Mormon, stating: “I will just continue with my life and continue to attend weekly. I mean, I behave normally at church.”

As for Jamie and Melissa’s doormat? Well, it’s only $10 at Target…

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