Our Prayers Go Out To The Great Actor Will Smith And His Family.

Willard Carroll Smith Sr, the father of Hollywood actor Will Smith, has died. Sheree Fletcher, his ex-wife, verified his death.

Willard was a refrigeration engineer and former US Air Force member. According to the book ‘Will Smith: A Biography,’ Will’s father discouraged him from trying drugs when he was younger by driving him to rough neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Philadelphia to show him what it was like for those who were addicted to such substances.

On his father’s threat to murder him if he ever used drugs, he is reported as stating, ‘I felt my father would kill me.’ Literally.’ Will has previously described his father as a “stable and positive presence” throughout his life. ‘Dad was tough but not despotic,’ he once stated.

‘He kept me in check.’ He’d give you that look that suggested, ‘One more step, Will, and things will turn ugly.’ He was a self-employed businessman who installed refrigeration in supermarkets and was always there for us. He’s a consistent and upbeat character in my life.’

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