Australia Is All Over The Internet Because Of THIS Marine Creature Who Just Scrawled Out Of The Water.

The ocean is our true final frontier.

An Australian fisherman, Robert Tyndall just broke the Internet by posting a picture of a very strange looking creature which had washed onto the shore of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales. At first, he got numb and shocked and thought it to be a mythical sea monster. Though scared as hell, he snapped the creature’s photo and it was shared on Facebook by Ethan Tippa.

Captioning the picture with a question of what it was, Ethan shared it.

The picture created sensation over the Internet with many identifying it as a” monster of the deep” while some comparing it to be a messed up crocodile, the Loch Ness monster or a mystery sea creature of “freakish” size.


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He was soon answered by Mark McGrouther, an Australian Museum’s ichthyology manager. These creatures grow to an average 1.8 metres (around 6 feet) and sometimes even more. Biologist Julian Pepperell too confirmed the creature to be a pike eel and it frequently ends up in a fisherman’s net. They are common to the waters of Southeast Asia and Australia.

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There were, however, a plenty of questions again as people were not satisfied with the pike eel answer as the creature in the picture appeared monster like to which Robert Tyndall replied that it was only four and a half feet. So basically, it the angle of the picture through which the picture was taken created havoc. Robert is a very clever cameraman!

These eels do not eat human flesh but are known to frighten fisherman. They prefer feeding on crustaceans and benthic fish that dwell near the so

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