Baby Died In His Car Seat While Asleep, The Reason Is Totally Outrageous!

#1 Before He Could Attain His Conscious.


A perfect family picture of Dodds, isn’t ? The couple had welcomed their second child Shepard Dodd. Happiness and joy all round the house. But something too mournful to forget took place, Shepard was just 11 weeks old then. He was taken care by a certified daycare worker who’d put him in a car seat just when it was Shepard’s nap time.

Shepard never woke up again. Though it wasn’t the worker’s fault totally. The Dodds are now taking measure to spread awareness and putting this tr*gic inc!dent to an end.

#2 They Never Knew Such Thing.


The babysitter was taking care of Shepard well enough and when it was the little boy’s nap time, he’d put him in his seat but didn’t put the straps as Shepard has running nose and thought it wouldnt be safe to lay him straight so he’d let him sleep in straight position, but this nap proved to be his last ever sleep of this lifetime.



#1 This Took His Life Away.


While the little boy fell asleep, his chin dropped dein touching his chest. This blocked the passage of air, although he was already suffering

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