This Woman Dies In A Earthquake But When The Rescuers Find Her Body They All End Up In Tears…

#3 God couldn’t be there all the time, so he made mothers

And thank god he did.

Because mother’s are the best.

The minute their children are born, mothers stop living for themselves and start living for their children. Their day begins and ends with them.

They provide us with everything they can, right from the time the baby is in their womb to the day they draw their last breath.

Only a few of us can be as selfless in life as mothers can be.

And here is an extraordinary example of why mothers are nothing less than God himself.

#2 A woman buried under the rubble..

It wasn’t long ago that Asia witnessed a series of earthquake attacks that left many dead or buried alive under debris.

And this incident took place when rescuers were busy combing through the rubble looking for survivors.

Not long after the search had began, the rescuers came across the body of a woman buried under debris of what was once a house. Seeing that she’s long been dead, they move on,looking for survivors.

But the leader of the rescue operation could not get the woman out of his head. Something about the body…the position it was in…it made him want to have a second look at her. So he turns around and walks back to the woman’s body and begins to dig her out.

That’s when he makes a shattering discovery..


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#1 A mother

He notices a bundle of clothes in the arms of the woman and pulls it out… was a baby boy.

Her baby boy..

The rescuers call the doctor to have a look at the baby right away. But there was one more thing in the bundle of cloth, something that made the rescuers and everyone present dissolve into tears.

There was a telephone that had a message on its display that read- “In case you survive, always remember that I love you.”

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