10 Strangest People Caught On Subway

People are so busy that their only tension is to live their life peacefully without any drama but it seems they are not getting what they want. Traveling through various means of transport we meet new people and explore a new world without any ruckus. Likewise, there you will get to meet good people and bad people but the one that caught everyone’s attention was these strangers who have least concerns about the society and made a grand entry on a subway.

Selfie With A Sleeping Beauty


There are many places where you will get to witness some people who have a strange habit of taking selfies wherever they want and this guy just reached the level of extremeness.

The Book says It All

We have never seen a person and that too a man reading a book which shows his weakness to start a conversation with a woman on subways.



Attention Seekers

In the subway, you get to meet many people where one is friendly while the others are on their own fantasy land but this woman made her grand entry only wearing her lingerie.



Its Bedtime

Well, how could someone just give a pass to people on the subway and just when we thought we are crazy it seems these people aren’t far behind.

Sleeping Position

We can really understand this man who was caught sleeping in a strange position that too on a subway. Well, we have no right to complain when there are more people like him traveling through all means of transport.

Bon Appetite!

The thing is there are some people who have the need to go home early so that they can have a nice meal but here this woman had already made this subway her home.


We have literally watched every Spiderman movie and we know this kind of act will only work on movies and not in real life so try to work on your skills!

Pole Dancing


That’s why they haven’t put the real poles on public places because there are some people who think these poles are for dancing which later turns out this way.

Sleeping Baby

Some people do need to understand that trying strange things on a public place doesn’t make them cool.

Work In Progress

We love their work commitments but this is too much where you can’t even leave your workspace inside a moving train.

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