9 Celebrities Who Went Viral On The Internet. This Is How They Look Now!

Some celebrities are a funny bunch, I mean they come in the limelight and they disappear, even before you get a hold of their names.Here are some of the popular people who once went viral on the Internet. Many of us still remember them and many might have forgotten. Let’s see how they look now.

#18 Patricia Krentcil Then

Patricia Krentcil, is the one who came in the headlines due to her obsession with tanning and dark skin tone.

#17 Patricia Krentcil Now

Krentcil was recently spotted topless near the Jersey Shore beach. She was once found drunk in public. She got released two of her music albums. And she even acted porn.



#16 Chris Crocker Then


You must be remembering Chris Crocker, and his hit video that released in 2007 asking people to “leave Britney alone”? But now nobody knows where is he.


#15 Chris Crocker Now

Chris Crocker now works for Youtube videos. He has recorded one of his album.

#14 Antoine Dodson Then

Antoine Dodson gave a funny interview in 2007 when an intruder rushed into his house.

#13 Antoine Dodson Now

This is how he looks now with a little change.

#12 Jeremy Meeks Then

Jeremy Meeks was acqused for keeping on weapons. When his mugshot was posted on Facebook by the Stockton Police Department it went viral. He was called the coolest criminal ever.

#11 Jeremy Meeks Now

Jeremy Meeks is now free, and he has also signed a contract for modeling.

#10 Rebecca Black Then

Rebecca Black posted a video on her 14 birthday on YouTube, and it became viral. She become very popular with her video.

#9 Rebecca Black Now

After her school Rebecca is focusing on her singing career.

#8 Alex Lee Then

Alex Lee posted his pictures on Twitter and they beccame viral in 2014. He was also seen on Ellen as Alex from Target.

#7 Alex Lee Now

Now he has turned into a model and singer.

#6 William Hung Then

William Hung was a contestant of American Idol in 2004.

#5 William Hung Now

Now Hung is working as a crime analyst in the Sheriff’s Department of LA County.

#4 Ghyslain Raza Then

Ghyslain Raza became famous with his video of Star Wars that went viral on the Internet.

#3 Ghyslain Raza Now

Now, Ghyslain Raza is working as a spokesperson for preventing cyber bullying.

#2 Tay Zonday Then

Tay Zonday got famous with his song Chocolate Rain in 2007 due to his amazing voice.

#1 Tay Zonday Now

Tay has managed to be in spotlight with a lots of videos on YouTube.

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