Celebs Who Humiliated Themselves In Public

These celebs had a bad show in between the crowd.

#7 Fergie

In 2005 during a Black Eyed Peas show, Fergie reached the venue late and had to go to the stage directly. Due to this she didn’t get the chance to use the bathroom. As she started the song “Let’s Get It Started”, she did it in her pants in front of the sold out crowd that made the crowd look her in shock.

#6 Katy Perry

When Katy Perry was performing on “I Kissed A Girl”, she decided to jump in the air, but unfortunately she crashed into a huge pink cake that was kept in front of her. It was pretty embarrassing, as She had to perform the song with cake frosting all over her dress.



#5 Sofia Vergara

During the 2012 Emmy Awards beautiful Sofia Vergara had to face great embarrassment. Her designer dress got torn just twenty minutes before the announcement of the awards. She had to go back stage to fix it. However, it did not effect her a bit, and she even posted the pictures of her peeping buttocks on Twitter.



#4 Britney Spears

Britney Spears who is known as the queen of embarrassing moments had one more recently. while performing in front of a sold out crowd, at Las Vegas she made a sudden head movement, due to which her hair extensions came out and flew across the stage.

#3 50 Cent


At the New York Mets Opening Day First Pitch, 50 Cent threw, the worst pitch of all time. Thousands of people present at the ceremony started laughing. Such a pitch will never be seen any more.

#2 Beyonce


Beyonce who is one of the world’s best performers once fell down of 12 stairs during a concert. It was so humiliating as she was performing before thousands of people and as she twirled her hair a little too hard she just fell off.

#1 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has done many embarrassing things in his life, but in 2012 he did something that was unthinkable. He puked twice, in front of c

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