This Is How Michael Jackson Should’ve Originally Looked….

All Jackson fans should see this. This is amazing…

#7 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a legend with a career spanning for almost 5 decades. Throughout his career, he was always surrounded by tons of controversies with his appearance being the most constant one.

We loved Thriller, we loved Black or White, we loved Man in the Mirror, and we even loved that strange foray Jackson made into the world of the environmentally conscious (Earth Song, anyone?) but most of all, we loved Michael himself. Ever wondered how he would’ve looked if he never had to undergo the surgery?

#6 The Unfortunate Reality

We all know that unfortunate reality of his surgery. The entire incident where he accidentally burned his skin on stage while performing cannot be ever forgotten.

He suffered abuse as a kid, and as he grew up, he started to question his own identity. This is how he looked while he was growing up. We wish he always had to be like this.

Keep reading ahead to know that…



#5 The Surgeries And Procedures

With every passing day, he worked on changing and improving his looks. Many of us remember this, the product of a lifetime of identity-altering surgeries and procedures.



#4 Scared Of Plastic Surgeries

He had to shed thousands of dollars to change his complete appearance. In the eighties, it was clear that Jackson was changing his face. According to his sister, LaToya, he was scared about undergoing plastic surgery at first.

#3 A Strange Fact

Not many know that he asked his sister LaToya to get her nose done first, just so he could see what it looked like on her. She did, he loved it, and he went on to get the first surgery in 1979. This is how it all started.

#2 Attained More Confidence

Right from that day when he got his first cosmetic surgery done, he just got more confident for every single future procedure. He had countless operations, including adding a cleft to his chin as well as getting Botox, fillers, skin bleaching, cheek implants and lip augmentation.

#1 If Without A Surgery…

Look at this picture and don’t be surprised. This is how he would’ve looked in real if he stayed without a surgery.

A new documentary called “The 10 faces Of Michael Jackson” shows an age progression, juxtaposing Michael at the time of his death, and how he would of looked without surgeries.

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