This Is What Happens When You Wrap Your Teeth In Aluminium FOil For An Hour

I’m surprised it actually worked!

#7 Teeth Whitening Products

There is absolutely nothing more influential than a bright beautiful smile, but when your teeth are yellowish, you gradually loose confidence to smile in public..

Therefore, the market is filled up with several cosmetic teeth whitening products that are often ineffective!

Today we’ll help you with an awesome trick to whiten your teeth!

#6 The Super Amazing Trick

Who would’ve believed that aluminium mixed with a certain ingredient can do miracle to your teeth! The results are incredible

Keep reading to know the entire method



#5 Baking Powder

That wonderful ingredient is baking powder! Yes, the same baking powder that you often use as raising agent in cakes and cookies. Have you ever thought it could do wonders to your teeth too?



#4 The Method

So, begin with cutting out a proper size aluminium foil and spread some baking powder over it..Rub the powder over the sheet to spread it evenly..

#3 Cut Into Pieces

Cut the foil into pieces. Basically, baking soda has whitening properties, but it is difficult and leave the powder for about an hour on your teeth without foil..

#2 Put the foil on your teeth


Look out for teeth that have filling. Not that they cause pain or anything, but it’s not really comfortable to pack the filled up tooth with aluminium foil. Hence, avoid it.

Leave it like that for about an hour..Read ahead to see the results! It’s astonishing!

#1 That Bright Smile

Who would’ve known that this method can be so effective. You got to definitely try this at home!

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